2. Getting Started

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Note: For earlier versions of Warehouse Insight, find the documentation here.

To get started creating Applications, you should already have the prerequisite components in place and access to a test device. This section describes the configuration and guides you through creating a simple Hello World application.

Configuring Business Central

To work with applications, you must specify the path to the designer in the Warehouse Insight Setup.

  1. Open the Warehouse Insight Setup card (Departments > Warehouse Insight > Administration > Warehouse Insight Setup).
  2. Enter the URL to your Warehouse Insight Web Service (General > Environment > Warehouse Insight Web Service).
Note: For assistance in determining the correct value, consult the Warehouse Installation manual or contact support.
Warehouse Insight Setup

Hello World

This section provides a very quick tutorial into making your first application. Follow the steps below to create a simple link on the main page of the handheld that displays a message to the user. More detailed descriptions, interactions and usage scenarios are provided in the following sections.

  1. Open the Application page (Departments > Warehouse Insight > Setup > Applications).
  2. Select New to create a new application.
  3. Input HELLO WORLD in the Code
  4. Select Actions and then select Design. (if your screen does not appear like below, ensure the Warehouse Insight Setup web service has been correctly entered).
  5. Set the event timing:
    1. Select Events and then select When the Form Opens.
    2. Select When the form starts control and drag it onto the design area.
  6.  Set the display message:
    1. Select Display a Message control and drag and drop it under When the Form Opens.
    2. Select Variables and the click and drag onto the Title connector.
    3. Input Message into the title into the variable.
    4. Select Variables and the click and drag  onto the Message connector.
    5. Input Hello World! into the variable.
    6. Select Actions and Click and drag Close Screen control under Display a Message control to connect.
    7. Select Save.
  7.  Associate the new application to a PDA option:
    1. Open PDA Menus in Business Central (Departments > Warehouse Insight > Setup > PDA Menus).
    2. Choose Main from Form drop down.
  8. Insert a new record and enter the following values:
    1. Caption: Test Application
    2. Standard Action: Start Module
    3. Custom 1: HELLO WORLD
    4. Custom 2: 24
  9. Select OK to finish modifying the menu options.
  10. Launch Warehouse Insight on the handheld.
  11. Click Test Application (application message appears).
Note: Custom 1 can be set in Module To Start; Custom 2 can be set in (Advanced) Application Reference.
Application Card
DMS WMDM Workflow Builder
Warehouse Insight
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