Use the Is Late field

Use the Is Late field

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The Is Late in Graphical Scheduler provides you with late categories and the ability to automatically categorize orders as late. You can find the flag under the Is Late field (field 7009791 IWX Sched. Is Late) on the production order, and the late category as the Late Category field (field 70097922 IWX Sched. Late Category).

Original Due Date

The system notes the original due date when the order is made. You can alter the original due date later to allow for data corrections. An order is considered late when its due date passes the Original Due Date (field 70097920 IWX Sched. Original Due Date). Whenever the due date on the order passes the Original Due Date, the Is Late flag is set on the order.

Late Rules

You can define Late Categories in Graphical Scheduler Late Rules and allow different criteria to be set for degrees of lateness (e.g., one day late versus several days late). You can then use the Is Late and Late Category fields to filter by the production planner to help identify orders that need attention by having their due date miss the original expected due date. You can also use the Is Late and Late Category fields to color code the degrees of lateness by creating styles, filtered to those degrees of lateness.

  1. Navigate to Graphical Scheduler Late Rules in Business Central.
  2. Select +New and input the following:
    1. Code
    2. Later Than
    3. Comment (optional)
  3. Repeat the previous step for additional late rules, as needed.
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