Create a Test Based on a Vendor

Create a Test Based on a Vendor

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This article shows you how to create and automate a vendor-specific quality inspection template. You can modify the example below to suit your needs. Complete the following to create a vendor-specific test:

  1. Navigate to Quality Inspection Templates in Business Central.
  2. Select +New and modify the following fields:
    • Description: Vendor specific example
  3. Select Add field(s) To This Template.
  4. Enable Existing fields and select:
    • HEIGH T
    • LENGTH
    • WIDTH
    • WEIGHT
  5. Select Finish.
  6. Select Test Generation Rules.
  7. Select the Table field and select Purchase Line.
  8. Select the Condition Filter field / … icon / +Filter… / Buy-from Vendor No. / 60000 (or any vendor with a location that has warehouse receipts).
  9. Select OK.
  10. Navigate to the Quality Inspector Setup
  11. Set Create Test in the Receiving section to When Whse. Receipt is Created.
  12. Create a purchase order:
    1. Navigate to the Purchase Orders page and select +New.
    2. Input “6000” in the Vendor No. field (or the vendor you used previously).
    3. Locate the Lines section and input 1000 (Bicycle) into the field.
    4. Input “1” in the Quantity
    5. Select Release.
  13. Select Create Whse. Receipt / OK.
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