Pick to License Plate for Shipping

Pick to License Plate for Shipping

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This page outlines the necessary steps for you to complete to prepare a license plate for a pick before shipping so that you do not need to re-enter the items for packing.

Initial Setup Requirements

Both the Warehouse Insight Advanced and the License Plate Management apps are required. This is not available with Warehouse Insight Express since it does not support license plates. The location card does not need to have picks required, but picks need to be used to prepare the license plate in advance.

  1. Navigate to the Warehouse Insight Device Configurations page Business Central
  2. Enable Update Shipment on Pick on each device you are picking items for shipping (Qty To Ship is updated automatically).
  3. Navigate to Dynamic Ship Setup page in Business Central.
  4. Change Shipment Line Visibility to Show Picked (prevents backordered items from showing up during shipping).

Handheld Picking

  1. Open the pick on the handheld.
  2. Complete one of the following:
    1. License plate with dimensions before pick: Scan a barcode from the License Plate Template report (the ones formatted as %LPT%TemplateName).
    2. License plate without dimensions until shipping: Select Menu > Start License Plate and then select No.
  3. Proceed with regular picking process: https://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/picking/
  4. Register the pick from the handheld once picking is complete.

If the pick is registered in Business Central, the source document is not filled in on the license plate or the license plate line usage.


  1. Open the order in the Package Worksheet.
  1. Scan –PACKAGES barcode to fill in the weight and dimensions for each box, if needed.
  2. Scan –GETLABEL barcode to proceed with the regular labeling process.
  3. Scan –POST barcode to complete the shipment.
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