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The following describes how to ship items on your handheld with an inventory pick. This guide assumes that you have Bin Mandatory enabled for your location. If you are not using bins you may skip any step that refers to them.

Step 1

From the WMS Express home screen, select Pick.

Step 2

A list of available picks will be displayed.


By default, if you are using logins on your handheld, a pick will only be available if it has been assigned to the logged-in user or if it is unassigned. These settings can be changed in Business Central.

  • Go to the WMS Express Device Configuration page, and on the Miscellaneous FastTab, change the following settings to achieve the desired behavior (hover over a setting in Business Central for more information):
    • Show All Documents
    • Assign Document


By default, only the No. (source document number) and Assigned User ID columns will be visible. You can customize these columns if you are using an Android handheld. For more information, see Customize the Columns on Your Android Handheld.

Step 3

Scan the pick barcode to open the pick. If you do not have a barcode you can manually open the pick with a double-tap on the pick or by tapping the pick and selecting Menu > Choose—or, if your handheld has a physical keyboard—tapping the pick and pressing Enter.


You can filter the list of picks by entering some (or all) of the pick number in the filter field. You can also scan an item to only show picks that contain that item.


  • The Menu button will be replaced by the hamburger button if your handheld uses the Android operating system.
  • WMS Express is designed to be used with a barcoding system. You will often be prompted to scan a document, bin, or item. If you do not have a barcode to scan, and there is no way to manually select or enter the required information, you can simulate a scan by typing on your handheld. For more information, see Simulate a Scan.

Step 4

The pick will open and display a list of items to pick and ship.

Step 5

Scan the bin you want to pick from.

Step 6

Scan the item you want to pick. If you do not have a barcode you can manually select the item with a double-tap on the item or by tapping the item and selecting Menu > Change Quantity—or, if your handheld has a physical keyboard—tapping the item and pressing Enter.


The bin that the item will be picked from must be entered on the pick in Business Central. If you attempt to scan an item that does not have an associated bin you will receive an error message.

You can change the pick bin for an item from your handheld as follows:

  1. Select the item and then select Menu > Change Bin.
  2. Scan or enter the new bin, then select OK.
  3. Make sure to scan the new bin before attempting to scan the item.

Step 7

The next step depends on how you select the item and whether the item requires item tracking information (lot and serial numbers and their expiration dates).

  • Method #1: Scan the item barcode
    • A dialog box will appear prompting you to enter the quantity, unit of measure, and item tracking information (if applicable). Enter these and then select OK.
  • Method #2: Manually select the item
    • Scenario A: No item tracking
      • A dialog box will appear prompting you to enter the quantity and unit of measure. Enter these and then select OK.
    • Scenario B: Item tracking required
      1. The Item Tracking screen will appear.
      2. From the Item Tracking screen, select Menu > Add.
      3. Enter the quantity, unit of measure, and item tracking information, then select OK.
      4. Repeat for each lot or serial number.
      5. Once all item tracking information has been entered, select Menu > Close.

The Qty. to Handle will be updated in Business Central.


  • Tap the calculator icon when entering a quantity to perform basic mathematical operations, the result of which will be entered as the quantity to handle.
  • You can change the default quantity that appears in the Quantity field. Go to the WMS Express Scan Behaviors page in Business Central and change the Scan Quantity Behavior. For more information, see Modify Scan Behaviors.
  • Reduce manual data entry by including item tracking information in your item barcode. For more information, see (Article coming soon).
  • You can modify item tracking information from the Item Tracking screen by selecting the item, then selecting Menu > Change.

Step 8

Once the items are picked, select Menu > Post. A confirmation dialog box will appear, select Yes to post the pick.

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