Sample SSCC Labels

Sample SSCC Labels

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In the example project, there are three sample reports, detailed below. These include sample datasets, layouts, and methods for generating barcodes. The following three sample reports are included in the example project:

  • Sample SSCC LP Label
  • Sample UCC128 Label
  • Sample Sales Bill of Lading

Sample SSCC LP Label

Simple example for printing an SSCC on a label using Barcode Generator to illustrate the basics. A limited dataset is provided that you must expand to print additional detail.

This report uses the free Barcode Generator app to create the Code128 barcode to print, and you can update it to print other barcode formats, like GS1-128.

Sample UCC128 Label

Comprehensive UCC-128 label example. Most fields print dummy/sample data, but you can modify the report to print real data by updating functions in the code. See header comments in the sample code for details.

This report uses the built-in Business Central fonts to generate and print the barcodes and does not rely on Barcode Generator. These fonts are included with SaaS and must be installed and licensed for any OnPrem deployment. Both the built-in and Barcode Generator approaches are included for illustration and comparison. For more information, please see Advanced Barcode Generation.

Sample Sales Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading report does not print any barcodes or SSCC information but provides a good dataset for sales and carton information you can use to print most information required for EDI labelling. You can modify the report to print SSCC and other barcodes.

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