10. Configure Client Configuration in Shop Floor Insight

10. Configure Client Configuration in Shop Floor Insight

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The settings reviewed in this section are only the basic settings needed to get the system technically operational. Insight Works recommends registration and training to take advantage of the advanced configuration available in the system.

Client configurations provide scanning station specific configuration. Scanning stations are often configured to provide a restricted list of routings for work within the physical proximity of work and machine centers. They can also optionally be connected to specific Shop Floor Employees for roles such as Supervisors, Quality Inspections, or other types of roles that might need to have individual specific configuration instead of scanning station specific configuration.

Client Configurations affect the behaviour of the Shop Client. IP Filtering rules are used to determine which configuration and employee gets when scanning into the client. Configuration data is cached in the Shop Client. The browser must be refreshed for changes to take effect.

There are typically four types of Client Configurations.

  • A default Configuration
    • Handles general cases and desktop usage.
  • A Configuration per Scanning Station that is configured to the Work Centers in the proximity of that Scanning Station.
    • Configuration for specific employee roles
    • Most often Quality Inspectors when they move between different stations.
  • Configuration for overview screens
    • For example, “Today’s Production Orders” in a common area.

The system will first look for any override that is set on the employee. If there is none then the IP filters will apply to the scanning station and find the first match, going by ranking order.

You will need to know the IP address as seen by Shop Floor Insight. If you don’t know the IP address of the scanning station, contact the network administrator for your installation location.

Shop Floor Insight

A default configuration is often imported automatically when using the Shop Floor Insight wizard.

Client Configurations

For configurations that should be automatically assigned to scanning stations, choose “IP” for the “Filter Type”, and put in the IP address in the “Filter” section.

Client Configuration Card

If you plan on recording manual consumption or manual output then also change “Consumption Batch Name” and “Output Batch Name” in the “Production Order” section. For the output batch name this must be a different batch than the batch configured on the Shop Floor Setup screen.

Production Order

Recommended smoke test or “quick start” settings for the “Time” section:

Time Section

Change “Time Entry Mode” to “Auto”.

Change “Inactivity Log Out Time (Seconds)” to 60.

Change “Time Entry Unit of Measure” to “Hours” (or the unit of measure configured on your work centers).

Define a color in “Open Line Color”, such as “yellow”.

Define a color in “Time Entry Color”, such as “lime”. This will be used to distinguish between a line created for setup time and a line created for runtime.

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