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Known issues with simple solutions will be tracked here. If your issue is not listed here or the listed solution does not work, please contact support.

  • If NavXtender is failing to detect a droppable page (can’t drop and/or button won’t show), then double-check the CardPrefixCSV in Step 1: add translations to NavXtender configuration includes language that matches the page title.
  • If the translation is correct, links should work correctly. If a link fails and displays “Record links not supported for this page” message, verify the translation for that page is correct (see Step 2: Add translation values to NavXtender web service codeunit).
  • If you have a multi-language environment (users of different languages on the same service), the codeunit language will be based off the service language only. A workaround involving multiple services is available, where you create a service for each language pointed to the same database and point the users of NavXtender to the relevant service.
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