10. Ad-Hoc Movements

10. Ad-Hoc Movements

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The “Ad-Hoc Movements” application allows users to move Items between Bins.

Core features of this application include:

  • Moving Items without pre-defined instructions
  • Ability to move Items to other Locations
  • Posting

You can access the Ad-Hoc Movements application from the Home screen by clicking the “Ad-hoc Move” link.

Ad Hoc Move

When launched the Ad-Hoc page will be displayed.

Ad-Hoc Movement Journal

When the application page opens it will look like this:

Ad-Hoc Move (Take)
Callout ID Description
1 The available menu options:

  • Close
  • Post
  • Print
  • Delete Line
  • Copy Line
  • Change Quantity
  • Enter Bin
  • Enter Item
  • Enter License Plate
  • Switch Take/Place
  • Item Inquiry
  • Bin Inquiry
2 Current batch and related header information
3 The Items being moved
4 Additional Line details
5 Status bar indicating status messages or instructions

Moving Items

The standard process flow should be used when moving Items:

  • Scan the Bin to move from
  • Scan the Item to move
  • Enter the quantity received and Item Tracking Information (if required)
  • Switch to Place mode
  • Scan the Bin to move to

See General Document Handling for more information.

The Scan Behaviors page in Business Central can also be further configured to control aspects of this process as well. For instance, it is possible to configure it such that a quantity dialog does not ever appear but instead increments the count by one, or to change the default quantity or unit of measure to move.

For more information about Scan Behaviors, contact Support.


The following menus are available by default for Ad-Hoc Movements. Menus may be added or removed as required from the Device Menus page in Business Central under the Application form by selecting ADHOC_MOVE for the Application.

Close (Menu)

Closes the Movement journal and brings the user back to the Home page.

Post (Menu)

Post the journal lines. Users will be prompted to confirm that the post should occur.


After posting of the document is complete the page will be closed, and the user brought back to the Home page.

Print (Menu)

This option is hidden by default but you can make it visible via the Device Menus page in Business Central.

Sends a request to Business Central to print any configured reports. You can configure which reports are printed in the Insight Works Report Selections with the Whse. Reclass Movement or Reclass Movement usage.

By default, the reports must be built with a top level DataItem of the type of journal line being printed (e.g., Report Inventory Movement (ID: 7321) if printing an Item Reclass Movement).

Delete Line (Menu)

Deletes the currently selected line.

Copy Line (Menu)

Copies the currently selected line. This option is required when taking multiples of the same Item from the same bin or placing into multiple different bins.

Change Quantity (Menu)

Launches the Quantity dialog for the selected line.

Enter Bin (Menu)

This option is hidden by default but you can make it visible via the Device Menus page in Business Central.

Users are prompted to type in the bin that they wish to simulate scanning.

This option can be useful if bin labels have become damaged or are inaccessible.

Enter Item (Menu)

This option his hidden by default, but you can make it visible via the Device Menus page in Business Central.

Users are prompted to type in the item that they wish to simulate scanning.

This option can be useful if item labels have become damaged or are no longer readable.

Switch Take/Place

Will toggle between the take and place modes. In place mode, only the place Bin needs to be scanned. New lines can only be added while in take mode.

Item Inquiry (Menu)

Launches the Item Inquiry management screen pre-filtered to the selected line.

Bin Inquiry (Menu)

Launches the Bin Inquiry management screen pre-filtered to the active Bin.

Common Configurations and Requests

This section is intended to describe the most common scenarios, requests and features concerning Receiving. These topics should apply the same to all document types (Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Whse. Receipts). While some topics may require development or customizations, they are included here in order to provide a greater understanding of what the software is capable of.

For more information, contact Support.

Moving Items to Different Locations

The Item Reclass Movements support moving Items from one Location to another, not just Bins. Only the place Location may be changed, the take location will always be the device’s configured location. To specify a new Location, take the following steps:

  • Create Take line(s)
  • Switch to Place mode
  • Select a Take line
  • Scan the Location barcode
    • If the new Location does not require Bins the New Location will be updated
  • Scan the Bin to move to
    • The New Bin and New Location fields will be updated

Moving License Plates

The Ad-Hoc movement supports scanning License Plates to move. When a License Plate is scanned the entire License Plate must be moved to the new Bin. To move License Plates, take the following steps:

  • Switch to Take mode
  • Scan the Bin the License Plate is in
  • In the LP Assignment dialog change quantities and usage actions
    • See Using a License Plate for more information
  • Switch to Place mode
  • Scan the Bin to move to
    • All License Plate generated Lines will be updated (unless the usage action indicated the LP was not to be used).
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  1. Peter Paquette
    Peter Paquette April 12, 2024 at 11:31 am

    Ad-hoc Movement – Can this be changed to an Item Journal instead of an Item Reclassification Journal?

    • Terri Vaive April 12, 2024 at 2:01 pm

      Hello Peter,

      No, Ad-Hoc Move wouldn’t be able to be changed to Item Journals. Item Journals are meant to be for things like item adjustments in and out of inventory. Ad-Hoc and Item Reclass Journals are meant to be used for item moves and processes like moving items from bin to bin or from location to location.

      Thank you,

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