TrueCommerce License Plate Integration

TrueCommerce License Plate Integration

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The TrueCommerce License Plate Integration app bridges the gap between Dynamic Ship and TrueCommerce. The current version of the app and the source are attached below. The app deploys as is for SaaS customers; OnPrem customers may need to renumber into a permitted range.

The app was developed with TrueCommerce’s guidance and generates the required data, but you must employ the TrueCommerce methods for transmission, UCC labels, and other handling within the TrueCommerce system.

The app adds a single action and setting; the action is found on a Posted Sales Shipment under Actions > Functions > Create TrueCommerce Data.

This action starts a process that looks for the posted sales shipment’s related License Plates. If there are issues related to TrueCommerce configuration or data, an error message informs you of what is wrong (e.g., the document being configured to No Pack with TrueCommerce or failure to find related License Plates).

The data imported includes the item details, quantity, item tracking details, package tracking number, and package weight. Optional details (e.g., tracking) are skipped if they are not present.

This does not generate an SSCC or UCC128 number as License Plates do not include this by default. If your system generates these numbers, you can subscribe to the OnAfterGetPackageDetail event from Codeunit TC License Plate Integration to amend it or you can modify the included source.

If you want this data to be created automatically, navigate to the TrueCommerce License Plate Integration Setup page and enable TrueCommerce data to generate when a sales order is posted. This performs the same process as the action on the page but with silent failures that do not impede posting.

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