Respecting External Freight Costs

Respecting External Freight Costs

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Dynamic Ship only acknowledges freight quotes generated through the Dynamic Ship Freight Quote from a sales quote or sales order in Business Central.

  1. Complete the following as needed:
    • Do not allow Dynamic Ship to generate freight lines on any orders because you are using an external freight quote: change Freight Billing Type to None in Dynamic Ship Setup.
    • Override freight on a per-customer basis: configure customer options with the Shipment Option Template’s Add Freight Line set to Manual.
    • Set the freight price rules to exclude freight: see Freight Price Rules.
    • Skip freight on select orders: change Add Freight Line to Manual in the Dynamic Ship Shipment Options section of the sales order.
    • Create freight lines programmatically: create a “DSHIP Freight Quote Key” table entry. Add the following code to create this:
lrecFreightQuote.Document Type = lrecSalesLine.”Document Type”
lrecFreightQuote.Document No = lrecSalesLine.”Document No.”
lrecFreightQuote.Line No. = lrecSalesLine.”Line No.”
  1. Set the following Dynamic Ship Setup:
    • Freight Billing Behavior: Update (re-uses the existing line)
    • Freight Quote Update Behavior: Never (looks for an existing freight quote key)
  1. Match the following columns on the freight line to the freight quote’s lines:
    • Type
    • Number
    • Location
    • Quantity
    • Outstanding quantity (not posted)

If any of those pieces differ, Dynamic Ship does not recognize it as a freight line. Create a custom rate line management using the OnBeforeAddFreightLineToSalesOrder event from DSHIP Event Publisher.

If you do not want any freight line at all, see the Create a Free Freight Campaign page.

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