Set Values with Copilot in Quality Inspector

Set Values with Copilot in Quality Inspector

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Copilot gives you the ability to set values with artificial intelligence. You can use this feature with a voice-to-text keyboard to allow hands-free data entry and use it to collect multiple samples for the same field value if you are using the samples feature.


Configure Copilot

  1. Navigate to Quality Inspector Setup in Business Central.
  2. Locate the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning section / Azure OpenAI Set Values Feature group and set the following:
    • Endpoint
    • Key
    • Deployment
  3. Select the button for the System Prompt field if the field is blank (automatically populates).
  4. Close the page.

Use Copilot

  1. Open a Quality Inspection Test in Business Central.
  2. Select Actions / Hands-free data capture.
  3. Input the values to set (e.g., “Set color to blue, the weight is 30”) and select Generate.
  4. Select one of the following when Copilot interprets the natural language and verifies with you:
    • Keep it: Select this option when you are satisfied with the results.
    • Regenerate: Regenerates the results.

Your test value is now adjusted.

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