Setting Lot/Serial Number Tracking

Setting Lot/Serial Number Tracking

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There are several possible ways to configure item tracking in NAV. Depending on the configuration used the lot/serial numbers are handled differently by NAV and the Count Module:

  • Non Specific – Optional item tracking where you don’t need the lot/serial number on a transactions.
  • Item Tracking with bins not mandatory – where you don’t have bins or locations set up but you have items being tracked by lot or serial number.
  • Non-warehouse item tracking with bins mandatory
  • Warehouse item tracking with bins mandatory.
  • Warehouse item tracking using advanced warehousing.

To generate counts sheets with separate lines for each item being tracked tracking if:

  • Item tracking is enabled, and bins are not mandatory or,
    • i.e. you have 10 items in stock and you have 3 bins that the item could be stored in, you’d need to generate 30 possible line combinations for each item.
  • Warehouse item tracking is enabled with bins mandatory.
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