1. Before You Begin with Shop Floor Insight

1. Before You Begin with Shop Floor Insight

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This document is intended as a quick user guide for getting Shop Floor Insight to work with Business Central. This is not a comprehensive user guide and does not cover all configuration or usage options.

Shop Floor Insight has both a Business Central app component, as well as a separate installer for an on-premise component for barcode scanning. Scheduling an installation and training with your Microsoft Partner, or Insight Works representative is recommended.

This document will not review all possible setup and usage options, instead providing a quick high-level overview of using Shop Floor Insight. Training and specialized documentation on specific procedures is available to take advantage of the full capabilities of the system.

Refer to the quick start setup guide, or more specialized material, or a recorded training session.

Architecture Overview

Shop Floor Insight has a Business Central app for configuration, reviews, approvals, posting, and exporting. The barcode scanning shop floor interface has a separate component that is installed on-premise. This component will be installed by your Insight Works or your Microsoft Partner. This document will not cover details of each process.

Shop Floor Insight

The Business Central side of Shop Floor Insight looks like this:

Time Card

The Shop Floor interface, used for barcode scanning, requires an on-premise component and looks like this:

Shop Floor Interface

Pre-requisites for this Quick Start User Guide

  • Shop Floor Insight has been installed and configured, both the on-premise Shop Floor part, as well as the Business Central app.
  • You have registered and have a valid license file and license details.
  • You know the web address for your Shop Floor Insight interface.
  • Your account is configured with appropriate permission sets and function permission flags to perform the required tasks.
  • You have access to a printer to print barcodes.
  • You have a compatible barcode scanner available.
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