Property Value
Object Type Codeunit
Object Subtype Normal
Object ID 23044928
Accessibility Level Public



OnBeforeHandlePrint event executes inside handlePrint procedure in Warehouse Insight’s Printing Management Codeunit before default print process proceeds. Boolean parameter pbHandled decides if the default process proceeds. Developers can customize and/or extend the default process for additional functionalities by subscribing to this event.


OnBeforeHandlePrint(var ptrecEventParams: Record “IWX Event Param” temporary, var pbsOutput: BigText, var pbHandled: Boolean)

Parameter Type Description
ptrecEventParams Record “IWX Event Param” The event context with all variables from the scanner.
pbsOutput BigText Bigtext variable to handle the output result from the overridden event.
pbHandled Boolean Boolean variable to check if print is handled. Set the value to true to skip the default process.