Property Value
Object Type Codeunit
Object Subtype Normal
Object ID 23044927
Accessibility Level Public



OnAfterFilterLookupLicensePlates event executes inside getDocList procedure in Warehouse Insight’s License Plate Management Codeunit after a listing of license plates is filtered with status, location, assigned user, and order number (if applicable). Developers can customize and/or extend the default process for the license plates lookup by subscribing to this event. The following default get process on license plates list does not proceed if there are return results in precLicensePlateHeader after the event runs.


OnAfterFilterLookupLicensePlates(var precLicensePlateHeader: Record “IWX LP Header”, var pbOnlyAssignedDocs: Boolean, var pcodSourceDocNumber: Code[20], var psFilter: Text)

Parameter Type Description
precLicensePlateHeader Record “IWX LP Header” Record variable with all fields from item journal line table.
pbOnlyAssignedDocs Boolean Boolean variable of assigned docs for permission check.
pcodSourceDocNumber Code[20] Code variable of source document number.
psFilter Text Text variable of filter input information.