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  • payton jenkinspayton jenkins
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      i cannot get the CAB file to install.   when i click on it, it says ” can’t open file”   on my Honeywell CK65 Scanner.    what do i need to get this to install?

      Michael ArmentaMichael Armenta
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        Hi Payton,

        Thanks for reaching out. The Honeywell CK65 are Android devices and will require the installation of the APK for Android. The CAB file is for Windows devices. On the Warehouse Insight Installation Report, you will see three barcodes. Scan the Step 1 barcode for Android devices to install Warehouse Insight onto the devices.

        I will outline general steps to set up an Android scanner below:

        Setup in Business Central:

        1. To point to a new location, create a device configuration for the scanner under “Warehouse Insight Device Configurations”. More than one scanner can use the same configuration if they will use the same settings.

        2. Ensure all users that will be logging in to the devices have Warehouse Insight permissions added (User Logins – Insight Works Knowledge Base (dmsiworks.com))

        3. Navigate to the “Warehouse Insight Installation Report”.

        • Assign the desired Configuration Code.
        • Ensure that the Service Type is OData, and the Login Method is OAuth.
        • If you will not be using additional Insight Works user logins, ensure that this is toggled off. Insights Works users are used if more than one person will be using the scanner with the same Business Central credentials, and you wish to differentiate the actions that they perform. If Insight Works users will be used, ensure that they are set up in “Insight Works Users” in Business Central.
        • When you print or preview/close the report, the report will be generated with 3 barcodes. The first two are for installing the application onto the scanner, and the last, larger barcode will assign the device configuration.

        Setup the Scanner:

        1. In the scanner, navigate to a web browser, and once the cursor is in the address bar, scan the Android barcode to download the application. When prompted, install the application and allow all permissions.

        2. Configure the scanning/barcode data settings, see Honeywell Configuration Settings

        3. Open the Warehouse Insight Application. You will be prompted to scan the configuration barcode.

        4. Sign in using a Business Central user. Note that if the “Remember Me” toggle is selected, the user will remain logged in to the device until they are signed out. If a user is continuously logged in on the device for 90 days, you will be presented with a refresh token error and will need to sign out and sign back in again.

        5. (optional) Sign in with the Insights Works User if needed.

        You should then be presented with the main screen of the application.

        If you are ever prompted with a password to adjust the device configuration settings, the default password is 1234.



        payton jenkinspayton jenkins
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          thank you for that.   i did get it installed with the correct APK file.

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