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      I’m reviewing telemetry data to find performance issues for a customer. Occasionally (but more than half the time) when the ‘extensioninfo’ returns calls to the DShip extension(s) the ‘exclusetime’ returns a negative number. Anyone have any idea what might be the problem?

      The KQL I’m running:

      <div>| where timestamp > ago(2d) // adjust as needed</div>
      <div>| where customDimensions has 'RT0018' // performance optimization</div>
      <div>| where customDimensions.eventId == 'RT0018'</div>
      <div>| where customDimensions.alObjectId > 0 // filter out internal server calls</div>
      <div>| project LocalTime=datetime_utc_to_local(timestamp , 'America/New_York')</div>
      <div>, environmentName = customDimensions.environmentName</div>
      <div>, alMethod = customDimensions.alMethod</div>
      <div>, alObjectId = customDimensions.alObjectId</div>
      <div>, alObjectName = customDimensions.alObjectName</div>
      <div>, alObjectType = customDimensions.alObjectType</div>
      <div>, alStackTrace = customDimensions.alStackTrace // use the KQL snippet parseStackTrace to get top/bottom of the stack trace details</div>
      <div>, clientType = customDimensions.clientType</div>
      <div>// exclusiveTime is the execution time of the operation, without the time where AL execution was suspended due to client callback</div>
      <div>, exclusiveTime = customDimensions.exclusiveTime // This dimension was introduced in Business Central 2023 release wave 1, version 22.1. Backported to version 21.6</div>
      <div>// exclusiveTime is the total time of the operation, including wait time due to client callback</div>
      <div>, totalTime = customDimensions.executionTime</div>
      <div>, extensionId = customDimensions.extensionId</div>
      <div>, extensionInfo = customDimensions.extensionInfo // parse this json structure to find out if other extensions is involved</div>
      <div>, extensionName = customDimensions.extensionName</div>
      <div>, extensionPublisher = customDimensions.extensionPublisher</div>
      <div>, extensionVersion = customDimensions.extensionVersion</div>
      <div>, sqlExecutes = customDimensions.sqlExecutes // This dimension was introduced in Business Central 2023 release wave 1, version 22.0</div>
      <div>, sqlRowsRead = customDimensions.sqlRowsRead // This dimension was introduced in Business Central 2023 release wave 1, version 22.0</div>
      <div>, usertelemetryId = case(</div>
      <div>  // user telemetry id was introduced in the platform in version 20.0</div>
      <div>  toint( substring(customDimensions.componentVersion,0,2)) >= 20, user_Id</div>
      <div>, 'N/A'</div>


      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        The furum is not capable of debugging telemetry data, so you would need to submit that to support@dmsiworks.com to create a support ticket.

        Note that Dynamic Ship has no know performance issues on the current version since it does not do complex processing. Generally speaking, Dynamic Ship is not the cause of performance issues, it is a “victim” of other processing on the system.

        The majority of performance issues that have been reported in the past are caused by Automatic Cost Posting being enabled in Inventory Setup, tying up the rest of the system while it tries to process.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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