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  • Steven B.Steven B.
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      I originally posted this question https://community.dynamics.com/ but I was told to ask here.

      We’ve been running Business Central for some time now and never had any problems with transferring inventory from one warehouse to another but now we have this stubborn transfer order were we’re stuck.

      When I try to post it from BC, I get this error message, which makes sense since we use warehousing (Warehouse Insight).


      We do all warehousing activities through Insight Work’s “Warehouse Insight”.
      On our WMS handheld device , when we try to post, we get this error.


      We enter all the correct quantities but the error says it needs to be 0. If we take out all quantities to have 0, we get an error message saying that there is nothing to post.

      I can’t delete the documents, I can’t undo the transfer since the items are in a “Transit location”.

      Our integration partner / specialist doesn’t know how this happened and can’t provide a solution.

      We tested many more transfer orders and never encountered this error. It’s only this one.
      We were able to create the transfer from location A and enter the quantities received in location B but we just can’t post.

      Any one here had a similar problem?

      Terri Vaive
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        Hello Steven,

        This means your selected destination location is set for ‘Require Receipt’ and you need to go through the receipt setup process. You need to set up the Transfer from the originating order as if it were a sales order (set it up with an Inventory Pick or by the required process) and at the receiving location set it up as if you were receiving a Purchase Order, using the Warehouse Receipt and Put Away process.

        Thank you,

        Steven B.Steven B.
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          Hi Terri,
          thank you for the feedback.
          We’ve went through the receipt process like we did for other transfers and never had a problem.
          I believe this is an edge case. Talking with our integration partner, they think it’s a Microsoft bug and have escalated the issue with them.

          Microsoft asked to recreate a barebone example without extensions such as Insight Works to see if it still happens.
          We are still waiting on our partner to confirm.

          Thanks again.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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