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  • Mathew BlandMathew Bland
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      Good day

      We have a scenario with WMS Express whereby we want to enable stock reservations on sales orders, but when scanning the serial number for a serial tracked item, get error:

      “The entry cannot be created because it will exceed the maximum required quantity for the line. This may be caused when existing pre-defined reservations do not match the entered lot or serial number.”

      It seems that when scanning the serial number, it is trying to reserve additional quantity.

      No serial numbers are allocated on the sales order line prior to scanning the serial number via WMS Express. Only the reservation entries exist.

      Scanning the serial number works 100% if no reservation exists on the sales order line.

      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

      Terri Vaive
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        Hello Mathew,

        For reservations and serial track items, you will need to define the serial number of the serial tracked item that you want to reserve on the sales order. When you create a reservation for a serial tracked item, you are telling Business Central that you want to reserve a specific item and with a specific serial number.

        If you are not concerned about which serial number is used with reservation, you could just skip the reservation and just let user put in serial number on item line during the pick, if you are using picks.

        Thank you,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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