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  • Bill HarrisBill Harris
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      I have not been able to link a document. I am using BC Cloud v17. SharePoint Host is set to companyname.sharepoint.com. The site is currently blank and the folder is Shared Documents.

      When I drag, after 15 seconds I get a message. “DocXtender was not able to create a SharePoint Line. SharePoint’s Message: Error not found.

      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        It is recommended to fill in the SharePoint Site to be the site name to upload documents to.

        If that does not get it going please email us at support@dmsiworks for troubleshooting.

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          Hello, we recently began using DocXtender in our BC environment. We have configured the connection to SharePoint and it works fairly well but we are having consistent issues with .docx files not uploading as well as some users simply get an error saying “Error Not Found” when uploading various documents with no rhyme or reason to what is stopping them. Is there anywhere to find more information on what is happening? We have confirmed that these end users are able to put the documents directly into SharePoint so it’s not a permissions error…

          Any help you can provide is appreciated.

          Travis PlettTravis Plett
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            1. Can the user open the SharePoint site in the same browser as Business Central without being prompted to login? If they are prompted, DocXtender will not be able to connect automatically.
            2. Make sure that both the SharePoint site and host fields are filled in on DocXtender Setup.
            3. Try removing the SharePoint Folder from the DocXtender Setup to see if that helps. The user might have access to the SharePoint site, but not to sub-folders.

            If that does not get it going, have your Business Central partner email our support for troubleshooting.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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