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  • Bernard ChayerBernard Chayer
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      Hi all,

      I am transferring the count to the journals with the “Set Item Tracking Lines” enabled.

      However, the item tracking (Serial numbers) are not populated 🙁

      Need help ASAP, I have more than 2000 items that needs serial numbers.

      Using Business Central SaaS v23 and Advanced Inventory Count v3.4.8655.1


      Bernard Chayer


      Olina ThorsteinsdottirOlina Thorsteinsdottir
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        Presuming the serial numbers are on the count sheet, once the count is done.

        It seems like you have a situation where the Whse. Phys and Phys journals don’t match up, it is best to post the Warehouse Physical Journal and then run the “Calculate Adjustment” on the Item Journal.

        Although technically both journals don’t need to be posted for Directed Pick&Put-away locations.  As long as the Warehouse Phys. is posted, the ILE adjustments can be calculated using the Item Journal.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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