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  • Max PronkMax Pronk
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      Hi there,

      I am currently testing with the trial version of MxAPS to see if it suits our needs as well as our Business Central configuration.

      We do process manufacturing, so the lot that is used as input is processed over multiple departments and machines to create the finished product. Each step in the process will change the lot number that is assigned to the batch. So input is lot A, after step 1 it will be lot B, after step 2 it will be lot C, etc.

      For our routings we use separate (individual) routings and these routings aren’t nested in a single production order. For every step in the process a separate production order is created at the start of the production process. These production orders are linked using standard reservations through Order Tracking. Output of PO 1 is input for PO 2, output of PO 2 is input for PO 3, and so on.

      When testing MxAps with the standard ‘out of the box’ setup it doesn’t work with this particular BC configuration. The production orders that have order tracking enabled aren’t planned by MxAps. Also when looking at the on-demand demo’s the case that’s used is sequential routing and all in one production order.

      Is it possible to configure MxAps in such a way that it handles:

      – A process that consists of different routings and multiple production orders

      – Production orders that are linked together with order tracking on input and output lots

      – See the connection between Production Orders in the graphical scheduler with the above setup


      Thanks in advance for your help!




      Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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        Hi Max,

        Multi-level bills of material, where one production order produces a manufactured component that appears in the production order components of the production order for the next BOM level, are standard functionality.  These sort of relationships are very specific to current and future availability though, so if there isn’t sufficient inventory and production orders to produce the quantity needed by another production order you will see that other production order not schedule.

        In answer to your specific questions:

        Yes, Mx can schedule multiple production orders and multiple routings, although only one routing at a time can be active for a single production order.

        Yes, this is possible, however it would require an extension as the base application does not consider reservations.

        No, the Graphical Scheduler only shows relationships between operations within the same production order.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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