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  • Lindsay HunterLindsay Hunter
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      Hi all,


      I am trying to use the Graphical Scheduler app (specifically the ‘Anything’ Category) to be able to show Sales Orders (master data of Sales Headers) to be able to drag and drop them around to change their start dates. I can see the orders just fine but if I use the drag and drop feature I keep getting different errors based on my configurations (I have the Update Mode field to ‘Allow write’ and have configured them with rules and appropriate fields). But when I look at the knowledge base for the ‘Anything’ category it barely talks about the ‘Read-only’ configurations and then no further examples or explanations.

      My question:

      Is it possible to use the ‘Allow write’ mode within the ‘Anything’ feature or is this a limitation of the application? If it is possible could someone give me an example of what the configurations should be to allow me to change the start date of a sales order through this app?

      Lindsay HunterLindsay Hunter
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        Also I followed along in the ‘Anything’ feature section to follow along with the Sales Line example to see if it was something I was doing. Even following those steps with the screenshots. There seems to be missing required fields, and new fields and sections from the screenshots as they seem to have been added since the documentation has been initially created for this. Is there some hidden steps I am missing? Since I can’t even replicate the base example for this feature from their documentation.

        I have an essentials license.

        This example: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/anything-feature/

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        Olina ThorsteinsdottirOlina Thorsteinsdottir
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          For your first question, yes you can use the ‘Allow Write’

          As an example of a setup;

          Where is it:

          Table 36

          Document No 3


          When is it:

          Starting Field No 19

          Ending Field No 24

          Writing Changes (general)

          Allowing Changes ‘Allow Writes ‘

          Write Validation” Do not Validate’

          What Order to Change Fileds when writing

          Sort order ’10’ Field to write ‘Starting Date Time ‘

          Sort Order ’20’ Field to write ‘Ending Date Time ‘


          Olina ThorsteinsdottirOlina Thorsteinsdottir
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            The fields in the instructions are all there, which field’s are you not seeing?

            Lindsay HunterLindsay Hunter
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              So these are my configurations as well but I am getting a ‘Date is not valid’ error for the Sales Header example.

              And the missing fields is from the documentation not the app. There is no mention of ‘Document Task No.’ which according to the app is required. There’s also no screenshot or example for the ‘What Order To Change Fields When Writing’ section since the example is read only.

              I’ve made a new view for the Sales Line and I can now get it to appear but it is throwing the error of the ‘The type of the Posting Date [value in the Ending Field No.] FlowField in the Sales Line table must be Decimal.’

              I don’t know what I am doing wrong where I haven’t had any luck with this app other than read only examples.

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