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  • Jan BarrattJan Barratt
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    Has anything changed the behaviour of the Qty. to Ship field in the latest WMS Insight update please? Our Sales & Receivable Setup “Default Quantity to Ship” is set to Remainder and, up until last week, this meant Qty. to Ship on all Sales lines would populate with a value matching the initial Quantity (Base). Qty. to Ship is now blank on all new lines (unless the order is made from a Sales Quote). We have tested without WMS Insight in a clean sandbox and it’s working correctly. This is a very new setup, so if we’ve missed something somewhere in setting things up, any help gratefully received.

    Jan BarrattJan Barratt
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    Edit …

    after further testing, we have confirmed that whenever the Location Code on a Sales Order Line is the same Location that is listed in the Warehouse Insight Device Configuration card, the Qty. to Ship defaults to ‘blank’, contrary to the setup in Sales & Receivable Setup which says it should always be ‘Remainder’.

    Could anyone shed any light on why this is happening? Is it by design and if so, why?


    Insight WorksErik Garstad
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    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for reaching out. That is by design and has been the system behavior for quite some time; we haven’t changed anything in recent updates.

    If there is a Warehouse Insight Device Configuration for a location, the system will zero out the Qty. to Ship and Qty. to Receive on newly created sales order and purchase order lines for that location. The expectation is that if a Device Configuration exists for the location, someone will be shipping/receiving those lines with a handheld device using Warehouse Insight, and if the quantities are already set before the user opens the document on the handheld there would be nothing left for them to update. To avoid that issue we have the system zero out the quantities so that the user can update the quantities while scanning with the handheld device.

    Jan BarrattJan Barratt
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    Hi Erik – thanks for replying, much appreciated. Just one follow up though please ….

    I understand the logic of what you’ve said, but when you “Make Order” from a Sales Quote why is the Qty to Ship field populated if it’s configured to be blank on the sales order (this is where Sales Quote has the Location per the Device Configuration assigned)?

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    <div>Hi Eric,</div>
    <div>I hope you’r well.</div>
    <div>I have a question : How can i cancel or rollback a put-away or pick line completed and not posted yet ?</div>

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