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  • Seth AbadySeth Abady
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      I was trying to log-in the Android/Handheld device but I encounter this error

      Error (v2.10.8494.11) Root element is missing.

      Thank you,


      Seth AbadySeth Abady
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        Reload configuration generates same message.


        Michael ArmentaMichael Armenta
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          Hi Seth,


          Thanks for reaching out. It seems there may be some base setup missing. I will outline the basic steps for installing and configuring Warehouse Insight below.

          1. Install the Extension and turn on the ‘Allow HttpClientRequests’ toggle in Extension Management for IWorks Common and Warehouse Insight.
          2. Run the Assisted setup for Warehouse Insight
            1. Please ensure that the assisted setup has been run for Warehouse Insight in Business Central and the following options are enabled (the toggle will turn green when enabled):
              1. Download Basic Configuration Data
              2. Download Translations
              3. Download Applications
              4. Download Icons
          3. Generate a Warehouse Insight Installation Report, disable Insight Works Users if not in use, and select or create a Device Configuration Code. Please note: the Web service URL should be auto generated and not changed.
          4. Ensure that Service Type is OData and Login Method is OAuth.
          5. Scan the step 2 configuration barcode to configure the scanner (default config password is ‘1234’)
          6. Login using the Business Central credentials containing the IWORKS COMMON and WHI – ALL permission sets.

          Please let us know if the issue continues to persist.

          Seth AbadySeth Abady
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            Problem persists.

            Note everything was working over the weekend and yesterday. When I started this morning the error appeared.

            I’ve re-installed the application on my tablet and ran assisted setup again.

            Log indicates DoLogin -> LoadData -> GetDeviceConfigFromNAV -> ParseDeviceConfig…

            Note Microsoft pushed an update to my Sandbox environment Sunday… but all was working after the update committed.


            Seth AbadySeth Abady
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              I resolved the problem by uninstalling and re-installing extension, including removing all data. Not sure what I could have done to break things.


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