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  • Steven B.Steven B.
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      Hi WHI team!

      I’m working on adding audio queues to Dynamic Ship using a controladdin.

      The issue we’re having is that my colleague scans all the order and at the end, realizes there was an error and he has to restart the scan where the error occured. He’s not looking at the screen all the time since he needs to move around multiple pallets to scan.

      When the scan is successful, I play a certain sound. If there’s an issue, like a product not found, I would like to play another sound.

      I’ve got pretty much everything working but I don’t seem to have an event when something goes wrong.
      I was wondering if it were possible to add an event in the HandleItemScan function before it throws the error.

      Additionally, the same logic could apply when a new Message windows appear.

      This would allow devs to extend the application further.

      Thank you for taking this in consideration.

      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        It is impractical to have an event trigger for each error and message in the Package Worksheet. Event publishers are only useful for broad applications when it includes the parameters the calling procedure was given plus any important variables used in the procedure before the event was triggered. So each prior-to-error event publisher would need to be unique.
        We can consider specific places to add events if they make sense for other modifications.
        Insight WorksInsight Works
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          Hi Steven,

          On top of what Travis mentioned, there are also errors that occur outside of Dynamic Ships control in the Package Worksheet. Which adds another layer of this being impossible.

          An alternative, is to use a purely javascript solution outside of Business Central with something like Tampermonkey. You could create a javascript script that trigger a sound whenever Business Central has an inline field error (What occurs when using the scanner). Then add the Tampermonkey plugin and the script to the browser of the computers running the Package Worksheet.

          Steven B.Steven B.
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            Hi Team,
            Thank you for your feedback and possible solutions.

            I was able to get something working using the “last scan” field and searching for “unknown” in the string.
            This is not an ideal solution but does what we need.

            When my colleague scans a barcode, he will either hear a “positive” sound or a “negative” sound.
            If he doesn’t hear any sound at all, he should then turn his attention to the screen because there’s likely an error on screen.

            I will look into TamperMonkey and see if it’s worth pushing this idea further.

            Thanks again!

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