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  • Bernhard KloibmüllerBernhard Kloibmüller
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    We encountered a problem with this app with reports where the TransactionType is set to Browse.

    We even cannot preview a report with this TransactionType.


    “IWX PrintNode API Mgt.”(CodeUnit 70097842).setPaperTrayForReport – Insight Works PrintNode Connector by Insight Works
    ReportManagement(CodeUnit 44).OnAfterGetPaperTrayForReport line 2 – Base Application by Microsoft
    ReportManagement(CodeUnit 44).GetPaperTrayForReport line 2 – Base Application by Microsoft
    “Reporting Triggers”(CodeUnit 2000000005).GetPaperTrayForReport line 2

    Even a ProvessingOnly report ist causing this issue!

    My version: <span id=”bvuee” class=”clickablestringcontrol thm-cont-u1-font-size-2–minflat thm-cont-u1-font-stack-2–minflat thm-cont-u1-color-2–minflat thm-cont-g2-bgcolor-2″>Version: AT Business Central 17.2 (Plattform 17.0.19353.20794 + Anwendung 17.2.19367.19525)</span>


    Best Regars


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    Travis PlettTravis Plett
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    PrintNode Connector is made only for assigning specific printable report numbers to a printer:


    Browse type, preview and processing reports are not supported by PrintNode Connect as they are not intended for printing.


    PrintNode should not be used on a generic Printer Selection rule when a user want to browse, preview or use processing reports. You might be able to get that to work if you make exceptions rules for unprintable reports, but it was not designed for that and has not been tested.



    Bernhard KloibmüllerBernhard Kloibmüller
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    Ok, we will try this. Thank you.

    I will give you feedback.

    Best Regards

    Bernhard Kloibmüller

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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