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  • Matthew LMatthew L
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      When attempting to scan a label into a new licence plate, the correct Item, Lot, QTY, and UOM populates in the verification popup window. Once confirmed by the user, it adds the the correct information to the LP, but then the exact same verification prompt pops up 3 more times automatically, forcing the user to “cancel” each repeating prompt before they can scan the next label. This ONLY happens on the Licence plate feature. On the Consumption or ADHOC feature for example, there is only a single verification promt that pops up. Ive have compared the setup for each of the features and they all seem to match up. How can we get rid of the quadruple verification on Licence Plate scanning feature?

      Nathan SilvermanNathan Silverman
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        Hi Matthew,


        This is too difficult to troubleshoot via the Forum and I encourage you to send an email to support@dmsiworks.com to assist with further troubleshooting. Somebody from the Insight Works support team can arrange a call with you to review what’s happening and get you a solution.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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