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      1-It is possible for the customer to send a sample of an item produced following a production run to an external laboratory to determine the X level of the value. The sample should be created automatically based on a configuration, e.g. 1%. According to my logic, the system should create an OC – External Laboratory from the test form and deliver this sample for analysis. How do you manage this process?

      2 – Suppose I have a sale product made up of a large number of BOMs, and many tests are created within these BOMs. It is possible to have a complete test analysis report for this product sold to a customer or for auditing purposes.

      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        re: 1
        If they’re on BC SaaS then the easiest way would probably be to use the new external events that Business Central introduced, and use the Dataverse connector in power automate to co-ordinate with the external system if you’re asking how you would connect Business Central to get the test results from a 3rd party.    We’ll have an update out soon that sends additional events, but I’m not even sure you’d need them since you could also do it with events from Business Central. There is already a power automate friendly webservice that you can call from powerautomate to set a test result, if you are programmatically receiving a test result from a different system’s API.
        Were you planning on using a transfer order to send the shipment or something else?
        In the scenario of 1% produced being shipped, are they a mix of different lots/serials, or all one lot number?
        Is there an external system that you need to get a response back from, or how does the 3rd party testing system provide the test results?
        re : 2
        We have reports that can show multiple re-tests of the same test, but there is no single report that combines multiple different test results altogether into a single report.  That sounds like a relatively easy thing to build depending on the specifics of how you are tying them together.
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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