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  • Daniel BladesDaniel Blades
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      Is it possible to set the handheld to print the related shipping document either manually or when posting a shipment from a sales order?

      We use sales orders to process orders in BC but then have to go back to the sales order on the PC to navigate to the shipping document to print the sales shipment doc.

      Any advice would be great. Thanks

      Chase WinsorChase Winsor
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        Look toward Print Node as that is the printer add in for insight works for remote printing but even my entry into it if you do print do so before you post or set up post & print to happen at the same time.

        Terri Vaive
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          This is a built in base Business Central functionality. However, to print your desired report you would search ‘Report Selection – Insight Works’ within Business Central, click on the ‘Usage’ to select the process you would like to print, and from there you can select the ‘Report ID’ and the ‘Report Name’ to specify what you would like to print.

          Daniel BladesDaniel Blades
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            Thanks for the feedback. I have tried this for sure. I can only print the sales order from the sales shipment screen on the handheld. If I set the usage to the shipment document it returns an error on run. Something to do with the wrong table

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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