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  • David ONeillDavid ONeill
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      Is it in the works to allow the use of Non-Inventory Item to record Freight charges instead of allowing direct posting to GL Accounts?

      We’d prefer ops users not interact directly with the GL. The only options for [Freight Billing Type/No.] are “None, G/L Account, Resource”.

      BC expanded the use of non-inventory items a few versions back. It’d be nice to get this functionality include in DynamicShip.




      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        This is not on the roadmap for Dynamic Ship. With the recent Business Central updates to non-inventory items, they are now fully shippable physical items which are still not applicable for non-physical fees. If anything, a service would be the more appropriate item type.

        Using a resource is the preferred method out of the box if you do not want to use G/L entries.

        If you want to use other item types for fees, you would need to contact your Business Central partner or support@dmsiworks.com to request a customization.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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