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  • Gustav BondéusGustav Bondéus
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      I am trying to create a schedule for my machine center’s but i keep getting some production orders as unscheduled even though there is capacity enough to run the orders.

      What can be the causes for a production order to not get scheduled?


      Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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        Hello Gustav,

        The most common reason for unscheduled orders are Prod. Order Routing Lines in the production order that have 0 setup time and 0 run time, which means there is nothing for MxAPS to schedule, and in the case of serial routings, that also prevents any later operations from scheduling.

        You may also have enough production orders or large enough production orders to require more time on a specific work center or machine center than is available.  When you generate a schedule the default “Schedule Duration” is set at 30 days, but depending how you create production orders you could have many months worth of production orders.  You can set a scheduling filter to reduce the number of production orders you are scheduling or increase the “Schedule Duration” on the “Generate a Schedule” page to 90 days or longer.  Remember that the longer your schedule duration the more data the system has to process and write back to BC, so that can slow things down.  You may also have incorrect or very long setup or run times, time units of measure, or a large order quantity that will take more time than the capacity available, which can also cause unscheduled orders.

        Finally, if you have configured secondary constraints you may have component items or other constraint items that are unavailable which can prevent operations that require those items from scheduling.

        Our product support can provide more specific advice on using the troubleshooting functionality to create a scheduling request file that can then be analyzed by a support team member.



        Gustav BondéusGustav Bondéus
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          Hi Mark,

          Thank you for writing back.

          I am doing some simulation of planning in our system to get more familiar with MxAPS, and its just a couple of production orders, roughly 10.

          The issue I am having is kind of strange, its showing me 3 “Unscheduled order lines” but these production orders are still scheduled if i look at the graphical planner from the result list. And the routing lines on these orders have proper setup time and run time. It is not happening to all  production orders of this result but just for a few on a specific machine center.

          Please let me know how i can create a scheduling request file and send in to the support team.

          I have supplied a ticket to the support team already but have not received any answers yet.

          Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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            You can generate an XML request file and attach it to a request to our product support email.  If you have a specific production order number you are interested in finding out about you will need to enable troubleshooting features before generating that file, otherwise order numbers and item numbers and most other data in that request will just be sequential numbers with no debugging information showing human meaningful references.

            To do this:

            1. Ensure you have enabled troubleshooting features via the MxAPS->Setup->Setup menu, expand the Advanced FastTab, click “Show more”, click “I understand”, and set the Troubleshooting Features to “Enable troubleshooting Features”
            2. Generate an XML scheduling file using the MxAPS->Setup->Troubleshooting->Save Scheduling Request as XML action menu option.  You will want to set the same scheduling filters and values here as you did when you generated the schedule result you have questions about.  You may be prompted by your web browser to download the resulting file.  Please note files with an .xml extension may be blocked by certain email providers, so you may want to compress it prior to sending to anyone.

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