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  • Erik ZimmermanErik Zimmerman
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      Having an issue with a TSC Alpha 40 printer where no matter what the papersize is set to on the printer,driver,print node it keeps defaulting to 4×4 instead of 4×6.

      We’ve tried different drivers, had a tsc engineer review the setup on the driver/printer which matched the print node settings and each time…4×4.  A dump of the print job being sent to the printer shows that the job is coming in as a 4×4 to the printer (101.6mm).  At a loss as to what else to try.  A test print job from windows works just fine.

      SIZE 101.6 mm, 101.6 mm
      GAP 3 mm, 0 mm
      DIRECTION 0,0
      REFERENCE 0,0
      OFFSET 0 mm

      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        The instruction on how to set up the printer for 4×6 can be found in our knowledgebase:


        Since printer settings are user specific, it is important to check if PrintNode is running as an app or a service:
        – If it is a service, you will need to log into the workstation as the same user that is running the PrintNode service.
        – If it is installed as an app, log into the workstation as the user that is running the PrintNode app.

        Note that while these 3 printer configuration pages look the same, they are not – so all of them must be changed.


        If the page size is not set to match the paper on the printer, it may be necessary to manually edit the Default Paper Tray Width = 101.6 and Default Paper Tray Height = 152.4 on the “Insight Works PrintNode Printers” page. Click directly on the number to edit.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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