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  • Lindsay HunterLindsay Hunter
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      When trying to create a view of Sales Orders to show which ones are started/when they are supposed to be finished I was to be able to drag them around to change the start date, but I keep getting the following error:

      “There is a problem making that change.

      This data source does not have any write rules configured. To make this writeable, configure this datasource, and then define write rules.

      Codeunit [70097949] for [ANY-Starting Date-Time: ”, Ending Date-Time: ”, IWX Scheduler Assigned-To No.: ”, IWX Scheduler View: DEFAULT, IWX Scheduler Search: ”, Extra Fields: No.,Sell-to Customer No., Mode: Write-Original, IWX Scheduler Datasource: ANY, Scale: ‘ ‘, Max Cells: 0]</p>
      <p style=”margin: 0in; font-family: ‘Segoe UI’; font-size: 10.5pt; color: #444444;”
      Stack:[“IWX Schedule Anything Provider”(CodeUnit 70097949).Write line 26 – Graphical Scheduler by Insight Works\”IWX Schedule Anything Provider”(CodeUnit 70097949).OnRun(Trigger) line 92 – Graphical Scheduler by Insight Works\”IWX Scheduler Controller”(CodeUnit 70097928).ScheduleChange line 153 – Graphical Scheduler by Insight Works\”IWX Scheduler”(Page 70097925).”IWXScheduler – OnBeforeScheduleChange”(Trigger) line 3 – Graphical Scheduler by Insight Works\]”

      The view for the Sales Orders already have a ‘Allow Write’ configuration in the ‘Configure What Displays In This View’ section in the ‘Update Mode’ field. I have an essentials license and am a SUPER user.

      What am I missing that will resolve this error? Or is this a limitation of the graphical Scheduler in that if it is not a Production Order Line then the drag and drop functionality doesn’t exist?

      Olina ThorsteinsdottirOlina Thorsteinsdottir
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        On the data source for Graphical Scheduler, there so an option to set the write abilities.
        • Open the view.
        • Select the data source.
        • Click the ‘configure’ action on the ‘Configure what to Display in this view ‘
        • In “Writing Changes”, choose “Allow Writes”: This will enable the write rules section.
        • Make a write rule on ‘What Order To Change Fields When Writing” for example ‘Start date and time’

        Lindsay HunterLindsay Hunter
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          Hi Olina,

          I didn’t think to add a write rule on the ‘What Order to Change fields when Writing’ and now I’m getting a different error about dates. But it’s progress! Thank you I really appreciate it!

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