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  • hamza bouzidihamza bouzidi
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      why when i scan an item barcode  in a pick that has variant code i get error unable to find item in bin

      even though the item is there with the variant code ?  any help would be appreciated

      Nathan SilvermanNathan Silverman
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        Hi Hamza,

        The reason you received the error is because of our “Line Matching” principle. The Line Matching principle is functionality designed to prevent users from handling the incorrect item on the transaction (or other relevant item details). For example, if your transaction tells you to pick from BIN1 and you scan BIN2, the system will provide a very similar error message. If we allowed the Bin scenario through, posting the transaction would result in an inventory discrepancy since the bin you scanned is where you physically took the item or placed the item, the bin on your document line is where the item will be posted. I mention Bins because it’s the easiest way to grasp the Line Matching principle, but I will now advise on the variant itself.

        In your precise variant scenario, my best guess is that you scanned an item barcode, but the barcode had no reference to the variant. In this scenario, you didn’t “prove” for lack of a better term that you actually are handling the variant on your document. If your document had multiple variants for the same item, the system does not know which variant you physically touched. Although your document may have only had a single item/variant on it, you still have to prove to the system that you are handling the variant on the document, by including the variant in your barcode.

        If you want to turn this off, it’s not guaranteed that your version has this feature. If you search for “Find Line Templates” in Business Central, you can select the relevant Application Code and in the Find Line Template Lines, you can set “Variant” to “No” to disable the Line Matching for the variant codes.

        I suggest you send a ticket to our support portal if you are left with further questions. The email address is support@dmsiworks.com. Please indicate the end customer name when submitting the ticket.



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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