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  • Fares TurkiFares Turki
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      We’re using WHI on Zebra Tc22 and encountering an annoying behaviour.

      On “ship” menu, we scan the item in the transfer order (from Business Central) one by one. After scanning an item, there is a pop up menu to disclose quantity. About half the time, scanning the barcode will launch the pop up menu AND fill the quantity field with barcode data,as you can see in screenshot below.


      We’re looking for help to address this issue

      Thank you


      Insight WorksErik Garstad
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        Hi Fares,

        It sounds like the Zebra DataWedge profile for the Warehouse Insight application may not be configured correctly. Please ensure the configuration is done according to these instructions:

        1. From the Android settings menu, open DataWedge.
        2. Select the Warehouse Insight profile.
        3. Select Application Assignment. If there is no blue Warehouse Insight icon next to the “*” entry, you will need to delete and recreate this entry.
          1. Tap and hold the entry until you get the option to delete the entry and delete it.
          2. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select to add a new entry.
          3. Scroll down the list and select com.insightworks.warehouseinsight. This list is alphabetical.
          4. Next select the “*” option.
        4. In the Keystroke output section, clear the enabled checkbox.
        5. In the Intent Output section. Configure this section as follows:
          1. Intent Output: Enabled.
          2. Intent action: whibarcode
          3. Intent category: Make sure this is blank.
          4. Intent delivery: Broadcast Intent.
        6. Disable basic data formatting and advanced data formatting.
        7. In the Warehouse Insight app Tap on Menu > Configure (Default password is 1234) > Menu > Barcoding. Configure these settings as follows:
          1. Barcode Wedge: Android Intent.
          2. Intent Action: whibarcode
          3. Intent Category: Make sure this is blank.
          4. Intent Barcode String: com.symbol.datawedge.data_string
        Fares TurkiFares Turki
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          Hi Erik,

          Thank you for the instructions.

          I just went through all of them but now the barcodes don’t register at all when scanning. With some testing, it seems that disabling “Keystroke output” is responsible for it, it has to stay enabled.

          Additionally, even when enabling it again, I’m unable to correctly scan the QR code to login into WHI as previously. It scans but the data it inputs in the credentials fields look different and are deemed invalid by WHI.

          Thank you,



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          Fares TurkiFares Turki
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            Some extra testing revealed that step 3 is the one responsible for the login portion not working the same as before.

            I have two TC22 and only did the instructions for one. I had to delete and add again the com.insightworks.warehouseinsight because it lacked the blue icon. In the device where I have not deleted the old one without icon, the name appears like this : com.insightworks.warehouseInsight (note the capitalization). When I add the com.insightworks.warehouseinsight without deleting the existing one, the other scanner behaves the same at the login screen and is unable to go through. If I remove it this application asignement to leave the old one only (upper case I, and no blue icon), then I can scan the QR code properly again and login.

            Fares TurkiFares Turki
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              Alright, as I wriote down this reports, I figure more and more things.

              Typing the previous things made me realize that I should pay attention to how the default profile is configured as it’s probably what is used when in WHI since the com.blabla thing is not correct.

              Doing that, I tweaked the profile on the test device with the instructions above and managed to login again and to have the scan working properly after deactivating the Keystroke output as suggested.

              I’m very happy. Thank you Erik.

              Fares TurkiFares Turki
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                I have one last issue : the keyboard pops-up immediately when we get the quantity field. How to stop that ?

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