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  • Valcea MihaiValcea Mihai
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      Thanks for  “Import Export PowerTool”, very good and flexible tools for data migration.

      I’m using  this tool for data migration from one company to another in BC 365 SaaS implementation and is not working for G/L Entry table: the error is related to permission missing.

      In the past I modified the XML permission in order to write data to G/L Entry but this is not possible anymore.
      Is this a limitation or is missing permissionset ?

      Thanks again for your great works
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      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        Since you are importing data, make sure that your user has SUPER permission with no company restrictions.

        In this case you will need to allow access to both updates and protected tables on the Import Export PowerTool Setup page.

        Don’t forget to disable Import Export PowerTool Setup once you are done with the tool, to prevent accidental usage.

        Juan Carlos HomobonoJuan Carlos Homobono
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          I have the same problem as Mihai.

          I am trying to import table General Ledger Entry. During the procees, the application asks me for “No write permission on General Ledger Entry. Continue?“. And I click “Yes“. Then, it ends the process by saying that 13 rows have been imported. But in General Ledger Entry no entry is shown.

          My user has SUPER permission and in “Import Export PowerTool Setup” the field “Update Access” = “Allow” and “Protected Tables” = “Allow Access”.

          I think this tool would be very powerful if it could insert and modify entry tables.

          Thanks for all

          Juan Carlos

          Joselyn LitterickJoselyn Litterick
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            Can you confirm if the tool can import to Entry tables, or if it is a limitation? I tried Job  Ledger Entries and it is giving permission issues. Thanks!

            Joselyn LitterickJoselyn Litterick
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              I have the correct permission sets but the system still does not allow updating the Ledger Entries. Can you confirm if it is possible to use this tool for Entry tables?

              Terri Vaive
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                Hello Joselyn,

                The Import Export Power Tool is not able to access the Job Ledger Entries table at this time. We are looking to add this functionality to a future release.

                Thank you,

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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