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  • venkatesh Samalavenkatesh Samala
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    Can you provide details how can we upgrade insight Warehouse Insight 1.x to 2.x

    Steven Gaudin-LawsonSteven Gaudin-Lawson
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    The following steps need to be completed in order to upgrade Warehouse Insight from V1.x to 2.x

    • Removing the old code from the Business Central/NAV base objects.
    • Merging the base objects with new Warehouse Insight 2.4 code.
      • Note: Warehouse Insight v2.4 is the most recent version for both NAV and Business Central v14 and below.
    • Adding the updated objects and updating the menu suites in your Business Central/NAV environment.Apply the rapid starts and replace the old setup/configurations with the new configurations.
    • Setup a new IIS web service for the scanners to connect to.
    • Update the Warehouse Insight app on the scanners to match the new version in your Business Central/NAV.
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    Puneet KumarPuneet Kumar
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    We are using Dynamic Ship, Warehouse Mobile and inventory Count Apps of IW with NAV 2018 CU41. I want to know if we upgrade to BC 15 or up (On-Premise) then what are the steps and process to upgrade Dynamic Ship and other apps? Also for data upgrade so you provide the toolkit?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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