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  • Charl van der MoorenCharl van der Mooren
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      What setup should I use on a Zebra MC3300 scanner to get scanning working as it should in Warehouse Insight?

      Thanks in advance.

      Michael PahlplatzMichael Pahlplatz
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        I had to configure a Zebra MC9300 scanner several weeks ago and this info on the knowledge base helped me out. I hope this can help you

        Configure scanner settings for Zebra

        For Warehouse Insight to handle scans properly on Zebra, you must configure the scanner settings. The following steps guide you through the process of setting up and enabling the intent wedge on Zebra scanners.

        1. Open DataWedge on the Zebra’s main application screen.
        2. Select Profile for Warehouse Insight (opens).
        3. Add Application Assignment (com.insightworks.warehouseinsight).
        4. Change the Intent Output:
          1. Select Enabled checkbox.
          2. Input “whibarcode” into Intent action field.
          3. Leave Intent category blank.
          4. Input “Broadcast Intent” into Intent delivery field.
        5. Go to Basic data formatting and deselect Enable checkbox.”
        Charl van der MoorenCharl van der Mooren
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          Hi Michael,

          Thanks for your reply! I used those settings but they don’t seem to work. At least not in the standard Item Inquiry Lookup List. Any other suggestions?

          Insight Works
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            You should also check the Warehouse Insight configuration to make sure Intents are the default barcode recognition method. Normally the system recognizes the device and presets the proper settings, but if it didn’t recognize the device type for some reason, it may have defaulted to using the keyboard wedge for barcodes.

            To make sure Intents are set up correctly:

            1. From the main menu, tap the menu and “Configure”. The default password for configuration is 1234 (you can change that in the configuration screen).
            2. Tap the menu in the config screen and choose “Barcoding”
            3. Set Barcode Wedge to “Android Intent”
            4. Set Intent Action to whibarcode
            5. Make sure Intent Category is blank
            6. Set Intent Barcode String to com.symbol.datawedge.data_string
            7. Tap the menu and select Close to close and save changes


            In the Zebra settings, it’s also best to turn off the keyboard wedge. If you leave the keyboard wedge enabled, make sure you turn off any suffix characters.

            As a side note: using the Intents is highly recommended, but if you prefer to use the Zebra the keyboard wedge, you can enable that in the Barcoding settings. You will need to configure prefix and suffix characters in the Zebra wedge that match the ones you configure in Warehouse Insight.


            Charl van der MoorenCharl van der Mooren
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              Solved it.

              Turns out the problem was in this setting.

              3. Add Application Assignment (com.insightworks.warehouseinsight).

              On my scanner the setting is called Associated Apps and after installation of the app two apps/activities were connected by default. One called ‘com.insightworks.warehouseinsight‘ so I thought I didn’t need to do anything.

              Today I removed both those apps/activities and added  ‘com.insightworks.warehouseinsight‘ again with the New App/Activity function and selecting it from the list with apps. After doing that the logo of the app was also visible in the Associated Apps list…

              All the other settings are as described in previous posts.

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