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  • Roger De HaanRoger De Haan
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      It seems that Microsoft has developed an Extension similar to the PrintNode Connector called the Universal Print. Can you compare and contrast the two systems.

      From my perspective, having support available from Insight Works for such an important process as managing printing for Shipping and Barcode Labels is a benefit of PrintNode.

      Nathan SilvermanNathan Silverman
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        Hi Roger,

        Insight Works support here!

        Both Universal Print and PrintNode are fully supported with Insight Works products, though, my experience has me prefer to use PrintNode.

        I have found higher volume printing to be much faster with PrintNode, but low volume printing is relatively the same performance wise. Specifically, I have seen table locking occur due to the high volume printing using Universal Print, such as a bulk print of License Plate or Item Labels. I have not seen the table locking occur with PrintNode.

        We will support Printing barcoding labels through our software with Universal Print or PrintNode, but we will support printing any document through PrintNode, regardless if you trigger it through Warehouse Insight, or another Insight Works product. As long as you have a support plan, we can assist with anything related to PrintNode, but our support for Universal Print is limited to printing through an Insight Works product such as Warehouse Insight or Dynamic Ship. For example, if you try to print a sales order through base Business Central with Universal Print, that would be outside of our scope of support. If you tried to print a sales order through Warehouse Insight using Universal Print, we will support you pending your support plan.

        Pricing may also be a consideration here. Our Printnode Connector in itself is free, but billing for the PrintNode service goes through PrintNode.

        Pricing for Universal Print can be found in Microsoft’s documentation: License Universal Print | Microsoft Docs

        Pricing for PrintNode’s service can be found here: Plans for All Use Cases | PrintNode

        Based on performance and cost, my recommendation is PrintNode.








      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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