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  • Gorkem BARUTCUGorkem BARUTCU
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      Hi There

      We are trying to scan a barcode of a item.  in the barcode,  they identified the quantity of item in the last 5 digit.

      For example: the item original  barcode is 5431103.  however,  in the item references they entered  the item with its weight information  like that 5431103011078.  it means 1kg, 108 gr (rounded up) last 6 digit is identifier for its weight.

      Because of the customised barcode number, the scanner cannot find the items with barcode.

      is there any way to sort this out?

      Many thanks for your answer in advance.




      john atkinsonjohn atkinson
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        Hello, thanks for your inquiry.

        In order for the system to parse the data from a combined barcode you will need to have a matching barcode rule in place.

        Note with a combination barcode I would suggest you have A separator character for the breaks in data.

        If you search for barcode rules in Nav/BC. If you need assistance designing the rule please let me know and send me a copy of your combination barcode. The bellow is an example of an item, serial number combination barcode rule, the example will be more clear if you are looking at the barcode rules page in BC.

        for example. Combo rule for item-serial, The item is ITEM1234 the serial number is 121212.


        your barcode rule would look like- Find Text =  (.*)!(.*)      Description ITEM!SERIAL  Expressions = Item $1 Serial Number $2

        Gorkem BARUTCUGorkem BARUTCU
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          thank you for your quick response

          rule id 80 find text :  (.*)!(.*) Item Reference Expression $1 Quantity Expression $2 sample test 5431103!011078

          the result is “item is not found”


          Terri Vaive
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            Hello Gorkem,

            Sorry for the delayed response.

            This can be fixed with some barcode rules.

            For futher assistance, please email support@dmsiworks.com, explaining the issue and include a list of the physical steps taken as well

            Thank you,

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