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      We have tested WMS express in a BC SaaS sandbox and now are planning to start a production use with the Warehouse Insight. Do we have to install the scanner application again? So basically my question is whether the two apps have different apps in the scanner? Or can we just reconfigure the WMS app in the scanner to use prod instance/warehouse insight instead of sandbox/wms express?

      Michael ArmentaMichael Armenta
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        Hi Petri,

        Thanks for reaching out. Both Warehouse Insight and WMS Express will use the same application on the scanners so you can reconfigure the application to point to the Production environment. However, you will need to ensure that the correct version is installed on the devices to avoid version mismatch as the latest version of the APK for WMS Express would be 2.11 while Warehouse Insight would be 2.12. You can obtain the latest version by generating another installation report and scanning the Step 1 barcode for Android Devices. This will then receive a prompt on the application that there is an update to the latest version.

        Push Warehouse Insight Updates to Devices – Insight Works Knowledge Base (dmsiworks.com)

        I will note, that both Warehouse Insight, and WMS Express are not compatible with one another so you will need to ensure WMS Express is uninstalled before installing Warehouse Insight. You can refer to this knowledge base article for more information: Can I use WMS Express and Warehouse Insight at the same time? – Insight Works Knowledge Base (dmsiworks.com)

        If both applications are installed at the same time, then when you uninstall WMS Express it will delete the web service. If needed, you can readd the Codeunit using the following information:

        1. Object Type: Codeunit
        2. Object ID: 23044900
        3. Object Name: WHI Data Broker
        4. Service Name: WHI
        5. Toggle on the checkbox for Published


        Petri ToppinenPetri Toppinen
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          Hi Micheal,

          thanks for the answer!

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