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  • Antonio ChecaAntonio Checa
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      Hi there, since last friday our WMS Express user using a Honeywell handheld device cant access to the application. She is getting the error in the subject.

      Since last year she could access without any issues, the credentials screen didn’t even showed up, but last friday she, after pushing WMS Express icon in the handheld device (based on android) she was prompted to enter her credentials (which were remembered by de app), but after pressing ACCEPT, she got that error message.

      I have reseted her password at the Business Central WMSExpress/Administration/General Setup/Insight Works Users, but this didn’t work either.

      Could this issue be related to the new oauth2 access so webkey access is deprecated?

      Steven Gaudin-LawsonSteven Gaudin-Lawson
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        Hi Antonio,


        You are correct, WMS Express is no longer able to log in using the Web Service Access Key as it is deprecated my Microsoft. For additional information on this see the knowledge base article below.

        To change to an OAuth connection please see the instructions on our knowledge base here.

        OAuth will require you to log in using your Business Central credentials instead of a Windows user and Web Service Access Key.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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