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  • Paul JessonPaul Jesson
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      My customer is running D365/BC SaaS and is reporting that they get the following error every time they try to print a FedEx label when shipping 3rd party.  Their statement is as follows:

      “We aren’t able to get a label when shipping 3rd party using FedEx.  We get error 422.  We enter the state, zip, and country in the package options and still aren’t able to get a label.”

      Customer also states that this happens every time they try to ship 3rd party FedEx.


      Best regards,

      Paul Jesson
      Senior Solutions Engineer
      Stoneridge Software

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      Brett MacDonell
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        Hi Paul,

        Here’s a link to our Knowledge Base article regarding Third Party Billing: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/how-to-bill-shipping-fees-to-a-customers-account/

        If you continue to experience issues, please create a ticket that includes your customer’s information so that we can assist you better.

        Submit tickets to support@dmsiworks.com for more assistance.

        Ryan CoatneyRyan Coatney
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          Did anyone ever make headway on this issue? We’re experiencing the same thing, although UPS seems to work fine in the same system. Even a way to get more detailed information on why the attempt was rejected and/or what data was included in the attempt would be helpful.

          Ryan CoatneyRyan Coatney
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            In the event someone else has this problem in the future: we never actually found the cause for this, but deleting and re-creating the connection to EasyPost in Business Central appears to have resolved it. Your mileage may vary, obviously, but it’s worth a try.

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