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  • Dave ParkerDave Parker
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      Sometimes when drag and drop to a different Work Center or Machine Center, the move does not trigger the system update to change the source data in Business Central.

      I believe this occurs when I move the capacity to the new resource and yet I make the Starting Time the same as it was, i.e. move the bar directly down or up to the same timeframe yet a different resource.

      If I alter the time ever so slightly, the update is triggered.

      Is this a known issue, and will it be resolved?

      Tim DimsdaleTim Dimsdale
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        Thank you for this report. You are the first to report this.  We’ve recorded this as something important to investigate and intend to resolve it in one of our upcoming releases.   We’re going to reach out to you directly for more details, as it does not seem to be reproduced with those steps with the data that we have in our systems, so there is potentially something data specific going on.

        You can also report issues by emailing support@dmsiworks.com

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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