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  • Blair HickenBlair Hicken
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      Hi, can you clarify if / how you can define the SharePoint site structure. Documentation shows ‘SharePoint Host’, ‘SharePoint Folder’ and ‘SharePoint Site’.

      Does DocXtender create folders for each Account / Vendor and transactions type?

      This is the structure I am hoping to confirm.

      • company.sharepoint.com
        • Business Central – (Site)
          • Customer Account – (Folder)
            • Sales Order number – (Folder)
              • Attachments – (files)
          • Vendor Account – (Folder)
            • Purchase Inv Header Number – (Folder)
              • Attachments – (files)

      What is the Site & Folder naming convention? If I wanted to reference the SharePoint site where a Purchase Inv Header attachment was stored from BC, what would be the URL path?

      Thank you,


      Brett MacDonell
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        Hello Blair,

        You have the essence of the idea. There will also be a subfolder created for the document type.
        The SharePoint subfolders will be created based on the card that the document is attached to (see below).

        • SharePoint Host
          • SharePoint Site – (Site)
            • SharePoint Folder – (Folder)
              • Document Type – (i.e. Sales Order)
                • Document Number – (Folder)
                  • Attachments – (files)

        The first three points will come from the settings in DocXtender Setup. Please see the knowledge article regarding configuration for DocXtender, below.

        Blair HickenBlair Hicken
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          Hi Brett,

          Thanks for the quick reply. So documents are grouped Document Type and Document Number. There is no grouping by Customer or Vendor and then by Document Type and then Document number.

          Thanks, Blair

          Brett MacDonell
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            Hi Blair,

            Unfortunately, there is no configuration for it. The structure is pre-defined based on the type of document that it is attached to.

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            Devon DoDevon Do
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              I know this is a late reply but I have DocXtender configured correctly to go to our sharepoint, but I do not see the file structure that you are mentioning above.

              Do I have to create that Business Central Site and then it would create all the subdirectories?

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              Brett MacDonell
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                Hi Devon,

                Please see this knowledge base article: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/initial-configuration/

                You may need to ask your Business Central partner for troubleshooting help or you can submit a paid support ticket to support@dmsiworks.com

                Tim MillerTim Miller
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                  We have been using docXtender for a while now and are wanted to switch from “BC Database storage” to “SharePoint storage”. the two key features I see missing from DocXtender that are in other similar apps are custom mapping and sync or move options.

                  It would be very helpful if there was a table mapping that could be changed or edited. Instead of having all attachments go to Site>Library>folder being able to map them out much like Blair stated previously.

                  • <company>.sharepoint.com
                    • Business Central Documents (Library)
                      • Customer Folder (Name-CustomerNo.)
                        • Contracts/Agreements
                        • Orders (DocNumber)
                        • Invoices (DocNumber)
                      • Vendors
                        • <subfolder>
                      • Items
                        • <subfolder>
                        • <subfolder>

                  Once this mapping is created the option to sync or move current attachments from the BC Database to the SharePoint site would be very helpful.

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