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  • Vicente VillagrasaVicente Villagrasa
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      Hi, how can I show DocXtender icon in factboxes other than the sales, customers, etc.

      For example in a service item.


      Travis PlettTravis Plett
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        DocXtender currently does not currently support extensibility. It is schedule to come out in the next release, but we do not have a date yet – maybe next month.

        Once it is available the details on how to extend it will be available in our knowledge base:

        You will need to contact your BC partner for assistance with extending it.

        Jocelyn AllardJocelyn Allard
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          Hi ,

          we would like to extend it to Warehouse Shipment and Posted Warehouse shipment.

          Do you know if the feature is avaiblable ?

          Thank you



          Brett MacDonell
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            Hi Jocelyn,

            DocXtender only supports the following sales and receiving tables by default in v2.1.7647.0:

            lrecCustomer: Record Customer;
            lrecVendor: Record Vendor;
            lrecItem: Record Item;
            lrecEmployee: Record Employee;
            lrecFixedAsset: Record “Fixed Asset”;
            lrecResource: Record Resource;
            lrecSalesHeader: Record “Sales Header”;
            lrecPurchaseHeader: Record “Purchase Header”;
            lrecJob: Record Job;
            lrecSalesCrMemoHeader: Record “Sales Cr.Memo Header”;
            lrecSalesInvoiceHeader: Record “Sales Invoice Header”;
            lrecPurchInvHeader: Record “Purch. Inv. Header”;
            lrecPurchCrMemoHdr: Record “Purch. Cr. Memo Hdr.”;
            lrecSalesLine: Record “Sales Line”;
            lrecPurchaseLine: Record “Purchase Line”;
            lrecServiceLine: Record “Service Line”;

            In the next DocXtender release, it will work with any Business Central page that has an Attachments factbox. To extend it to other pages, you just need to extend base Business Central to add the attachment factbox using the standard BC attachment events to whatever pages you want. DocXtender will just come along for the ride – nothing in DocXtender needs to be changed.

            Of course, in the interim, they could just click the “Select file” action (or the + sign if links) to upload a file instead of dragging and dropping it. Drag and drop is nice to have, but if it is only supported on the standard BC pages it doesn’t prevent people from attaching documents manually on custom pages.

            Carlo MertensCarlo Mertens
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              We are using version 2.1.7920.1 and created an extension to add the Attachments factbox to the Assembly Order page.

              The standard BC way of selecting the file and uploading the file is working perfectly, but when we Drag and Drop the file we get an error:

              Error Details
              Error Text: The record is not open.
              Error Code: RecordNotOpened:TargetInvocation

              Error Callstack
              “IWX DocXtender”(CodeUnit 70097822).GetSharePointConfig – DocXtender by Insight Works
              “IWX Document Factbox Extension”(PageExtension 70097820).”IWXctrlDocXtender – GetConfig” – DocXtender by Insight Works

              We are not using SharePoint, but Document Attachment as File Storage Behavior in the DocXtender Setup.

              Should this work in this version of DocXtender or will this be available in a later version.

              Travis PlettTravis Plett
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                There is a new build 2.1.7934.1 out right now which you will get when you upgrade to Business Central 19, but that is just a compatibility update.

                The next build 2.1.7982.2 is the one that is being built to include the ability to use any page that has a “Document Attachment FactBox”. This one is still in the process of being submitted to Microsoft, so it could be available any time this month depending on how quickly they approve it.

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