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  • Nigel PaskinovNigel Paskinov
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      Hi there,

      Where does Insight Works pickup the Tax ID information and the Broker information on the Commercial Invoice report? I can see from the report that the fields are there (diShipTo_TaxID, diShipFrom_TaxID, diBroker_Name, diBroker_PhoneNo, diBroker_Contact), but I’ve tried filling in the tax details in the Customer Record and adding the Broker in the Customs Card as a Vendor but it still doesn’t populate? Am I missing something?

      Brett MacDonell
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        Tax IDs are not supported out of the box because Business Central does not have a standardized location-based tax id.

        Please see our Knowledge Base article called “Extending Dynamic Ship” for how your Business Central partner can extend Dynamic Ship. If they require more assistance, please have them contact support directly for assistance setting that up.

        Nigel PaskinovNigel Paskinov
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          Thank you, that makes more sense!

          Is it the same with the Broker information not being displayed?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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