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  • Kosha RavalKosha Raval
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      I am unable to figure out how do I change the operation date and time witho9ut affecting the rest of the operations on the production order.

      An example being there are 7 operations on a production order. By default each operation’s start date & time is the end date & time of the previous operation. If I try to change date for lets say operation 3 without disturbing any of the other operations if not all at least without affecting the previous operation date & time . How can I do it?

      Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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        Hi Kosha,

        What page are you trying to do this from?  It sounds like you are using the base BC Prod. Order Routing and trying to change a Starting Date-time or Ending Date-Time, which will not impact the MxAPS scheduling.  To have MxAPS consider this you could use the StartAfter DateTtime on the Prod. Order Routing page to set the date and time you want the Operation to run and then use the MxAPS Generate a Schedule page to create a new schedule.

        Note that this won’t guarantee when that Operation actually runs, it merely sets the earliest date and time it can run.  This is because MxAPS is a constraint based system and it must honor all of the constraints presented, so it might not actually be possible to run the Operation on the date and time you select, depending upon when predecessor Operations complete and any other constraints that exist.  Additionally, all successor Operations are going to move because they aren’t typically allowed to start until their predecessor Operation(s) complete.  Finally, you might want to consider changing the Priority of the Operation so that your manual change is considered ahead of the system behavior (using the default Schedule Rule and setup this would be using a Priority with a value from 1-4 as the default is 5).

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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